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The average median priced on homes for sale in Forest Hills is in the area of $955,000.

The current price range is between $690,000-2.3 million dollars.  Its upper class residential community has access to express subways, F, E & R.   The travel time to the New York City area is only 20 minutes to midtown Manhattan.  There is also access to the Long Island Railroad, which goes to Pennslyvania Station in just 15 minutes.  Forest Hills Gardens which encompasses the access to the LIRR, is considered one of the best neighborhoods in the city.  The homes built in the Gardens have been built in Tudor style.  Only residents or guests of the residence may part their car in the Forest Hills Gardens community.  Otherwise the vehicle would receive a boot.  Once the fine is payed, then the boot would be removed.

In the Gardens you also will find the old Forest Hills Tennis stadium, where the US Open was originally held.  However, due to size restrictions the event has been moved to Flushing Meadow Park.  This park is only minutes away from the US Open.  This event features 1 of the 4 major tennis tournaments of the year.  This event is the oldest championship in the world paying out a total of $50 Million dollars.

In the central area of Forest Hills, namely 71 Continental, you have express subways, LIRR  and an entertaining nightlife including but not limited to bars, restaurants and an upstairs pool hall.  There is also an array of shops, nail & hair saloons and a 3 story sports club.

Forest Hills has a variety of apartment buildings, coops and condos, from prewar to contemporary.  Some of these apartments in the high rise buildings have views of the Manhattan skyline.  There are also wealthy residents who are purchasing older homes in Forest Hills and tearing them down in order to build their own custom luxury homes.